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09 Jan 2015


In case you are creating a commercial edifice such as an apartment complex, hotel, veterinarian's office, or other structure, you need to be sure that the "insides" of your building are as solid and sturdy as its "outsides." When hiring a commercial piping contractor for your project, you'll no doubt be consulted for the forms of plumbing pipes which will be installed at the property. Here's much more about the different types of pipes mostly used in commercial building construction that will help you make an educated decision.- builder


Found in over 80% of business construction jobs, copper is considered the "king" of piping materials, and it is price reflects that title. Because it's a gentle metal, it is possible to cut which is also considered an extremely reliable material. It's got two main drawbacks: it could split when frozen; also, in the event the water locally features a low pH level, its chemical properties may corrode copper earlier than you'd like, causing green stains and "funny" tasting water.

Galvanized Steel

Even if this material was popular 40 and 50 years ago, it enjoys only limited use now. It features a life expectancy around 35 years, nevertheless its complaints are numerous: its interior surfaces often corrode over time, as well as the resulting buildup inside the pipe tends to decrease water drainage. Also, this kind of pipe material tends toward leaking more frequently than its counterparts.

Cross Linked Polyethylene (PEX)

Pipes created from this translucent plastic-type generally come in three easy to recognize colors: while, blue, and red. Since it has only been in use for the last Many years roughly, the jury remains on its long-term effectiveness and sturdiness. However, it has become extremely popular with commercial pipers lately because it installs easily and is less expensive copper.- builder


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